Friday, April 29, 2016

Supporting your Child's College Decision

Hi everyone! With today being the last business day before the May 1st National Enrollment Deadline, I wanted to talk to all of the parents out there about how you can support your child as they make their college decision.

While all the attention is on your child as they make the announcement of which university they choose to spend the next two or four years of their life, its also important to recognize yourself during this time. Being proud of your child is important, but you should also be proud of yourself for raising such a great child. You instilled in your son or daughter the skills that they used throughout their high school career to bring them to the precipice of college! Their leadership in the classroom, on the athletic field, in the art studio, and at their jobs is because of the way you raised them and supported them through their last 17-18 years on the planet.

As your child makes their decision on which college to attend, as a parent what is most important is that they choose a college or university that fits their needs and desires. While being a legacy to your alma mater is cool, it is more important that they choose the school because they like it and see themselves succeeding there. If your child chooses to attend another institution that isn't your alma mater, please don't think that they did this on purpose or to be malicious. They are choosing to pursue their own desires and live a college experience that is completely, 100% their own, so be proud of that!

Start thinking of opportunities to visit them on campus - -
Family Weekend, Dance Recitals, Academic Ceremonies

It may be scary to think of your child heading off to college in a few months, but this is what you've been preparing them for! They are about to embark on an experience of lifetime. They will mature, meet new people, gain some culture, change their views, and start building the life they will live for the next 50 years ... how amazing! Knowing that college is the gateway to all of those things, you should definitely be supportive of their decision. They are choosing to start their pursuit of life and experiences, so don't slow them down because you disagree with their choice of a school.

Just as you have supported them in school since Kindergarten, it will be no different once they enter college. They will need your phone calls, care packages, visits, and video chats to keep themselves sane, calm, and focused throughout college! So, don't let their choice of a university, if you disagree, get in the way of supporting your child through the most difficult, yet exciting, years of their life. Be there for them!

enjoy the chase,

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