Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Cleaning: College Edition

Hi everyone! So Monday's post gave me some inspiration! I thought I would also talk with you all who are in college about some ways that you can clean and organize your college life before beginning Final Exams and returning home for the Summer!

Old Textbooks
While this may seem weird, go through any old textbooks that you've been saving or have just forgotten to sell back to the bookstore to see what ones you still want to keep for future classes or those you are okay to part with. Textbooks take up a lot of space, so if you aren't going to use it in the future, then sell it back to your university's bookstore or a private book buyer. TIP: If you have a comprehensive exam at the completion of your 4 years, you will want to keep all of those relevant textbooks!

Old Notebooks and Portfolios
Also use this time to go through your old notebooks from this year to see which notes are going to be relevant for the future and which sets you can use for your end-of-the-year bonfire! Also, if you completed any portfolios or collections of assignments, you will want to go through those as well. Either to combine the ones you like or simply organize the materials by topic or date! 

Rearrange your Room
While you are dusting and vacuuming your room for the general spring cleaning, you may also want to rearrange it. If you have another month or two to go, why not try out a new arrangement of your furniture to see if you and your roomie like it. If you only have another week or two to go, you may want to arrange it back to the way it was when you moved in. TIP: A lot of universities require you to arrange your furniture the same way it was when you moved in or they will charge you for it. Don't leave campus without doing this!

Clean out your Clothes
I mentioned this in Monday's post, but truly take this time to clean out the clothes in your closet. Old uniforms, dance costumes, t-shirts from events, shoes that fell into the pond on campus ... there are so many things that need to either be washed or just thrown away!  Also, take this time to consolidate your winter clothes or send a group of items to the dry cleaner!

Organize a Lawn Sale
A great program event for you campus leaders is organizing a lawn sale or clothing swap in your building or on your campus the week or two before Final Exams. A lot of students will have clothes they want to get rid of, decorations, and upperclassmen usually have furniture that they plan to throw away. In my years as an RA, so many students have left behind nice office chairs, small futons, and comfy chairs just because they don't want the hassle of moving it back home. If you reach out to all of the students on campus and plan something in the quad for the week before Finals Week, it could be a really big hit. This could even be a fundraiser for an event or something too! 

Clean out your Car
If you have a car on campus that you use a lot or if you are a commuter, I'd definitely suggest cleaning out your car this Spring. You can throw away old soda bottles, tests with not-so-great grades on them, you might be able to find that pair of shoes you thought you many great things can come out of cleaning your car. If you need to move back home, it will also free up all of that space for your belongings to fit on your final drive home!

I hope you all liked this college edition of Spring Cleaning! Use this time of year and the warmer weather to go through all of the items in your dorm room and your college life so that you can feel renewed for when you return home or graduate! 

enjoy the chase,

Do you all have any important spring cleaning habits that help you through to Finals Week? Share them below in the comments!

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