Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning!!

Hi everyone! It is that time of year when we need to talk about SPRING CLEANING! While visions of washing window blinds and cleaning out closets come to mind, it also applies to college prep and college life!

The start of Spring is the time when you can wash away all of the harsh and coldness of Winter and look forward to the sunny future! It is necessary to bring this mindset into all of the important things you are dealing with. Here are some things you should work on as we continue through April!

Cleanse Your Thoughts
Use this new season as a chance to chase away all of the negative emotions or experiences from a rough winter so that you can enjoy the completion of your school year before you leave for Summer. You'll want to squash any drama you have with others and you will want to remain positive as you prepare for final exams. If you go into the last part of your school year with a positive attitude, it will help make your Summer even more unforgettable!

Gain Last-Minute Experiences
The last semester of my high school and college career were my favorite because I embraced many more experiences during the last few months. I made it a point to spend more time with my friends and family, as well as, take on new experiences that I never thought of doing before. Use this Spring as a chance to reconnect with an old friend and go on that day trip you've always wanted to or go to the museum across town! Also, if you get the opportunity to shadow a job or complete a short internship with a program or festival, take advantage of it! 

Start Packing
Whether you are in High School or College, Spring is good time to start packing. If you are completing High School this year, when you put away your Winter coat, your sweaters and your snow gear, pack it away in a plastic tote so that next year when you come home from college, you can pack that tote right up and take it with you for November and December! If you are in college, pack up your Winter stuff now too. If there is anything you are not using or don't plan to use in the next month or so, pack it up and take it home. This will make move-out after Final Exams A LOT easier and less stressful! 

Clean Out Your Closet
Use Spring Cleaning to do exactly what you think ... spring clean! Clean out your closet at home and (if you're away) at college. Go through all of your t-shirts, sweaters, pants, sweatshirts, and shoes to get rid of whatever you haven't worn or doesn't fit. Over time, you will amass two separate wardrobes, one for home and one for school, so if you can donate the items that you aren't wearing anymore, it can help save space when you are at home! If you can't bare to get rid of something, pack it away and then next year at this time, if you didn't think about it or want to wear it, then go ahead and donate it! 

Pick Up a Park
Now that you're done cleaning for yourself, clean for someone else! Volunteer with a group of your friends or with your family to pick up a neighborhood park that needs some TLC. A lot of young children will be playing in that park as it gets warmer, so it would be a great gesture and positive thing to help your community! 

I hope you all have a great week and can start your Spring Cleaning now to prepare for an amazing and unforgettable summer!!

enjoy the chase,

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