Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dear Parents:

Today, I am writing to you, not just as a blogger or a graduate student, but as a daughter.

First and foremost, thank you for bringing your child into this world. Whether they were brought into this world pre-maturely, surrounded by love, on a snowy evening, or in the early morning, they were brought here to live out a purpose. Your child may know today, tomorrow, or fifty years from now what their purpose in life is, but without you, this purpose would never be fulfilled.

Second, your support and love to your children will help them succeed in high school and in college. Research shows that adolescents who have parents that take an interest in their schooling are more likely to succeed in high school and are more likely to stay in college once they enroll. The conversations you have with your child matter and make all the difference.

Third, be present. If you haven't before, start now. Every moment you are not emotionally connected with your children is a moment lost that you will never get back. You don't have to have super meaningful, thought-provoking conversations, but as long as your show your love to your child, that will mean the world. Attend their baseball game, drive them to dance class, sit at the table while they do their homework, ask them how a class is going, invite them to go shopping with you, walk the dogs together; simply put spend time together. Once comfortable, your child will talk. Trust me when I say these moments are the most meaningful and life-changing your child will ever have.

Fourth, help them navigate the college search process. If you didn't go to college, or you don't know what it takes to be a college student in the 21st Century, that is okay. There are resources out there for you, this blog being one of them, use them! You know your child's personality and you know the environment that they would thrive in, so help them pursue that environment, even if it takes them away from you.

Finally, cherish the moments you have now! Since your child first learned to crawl and talk, first stepped on a school bus and rode a bike, first hit a home-run or landed a triple pirouette, first went to prom, and first drove a car, you know that time is moving quickly. As your child grows wings and begins to fly, help them soar and guide their flight. Don't push them away and out of the nest, instead welcome them home every chance you get.

enjoy the chase,
daughter of tom and sandy

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