Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Creating a Professional Wardrobe

Hi everyone! Happy #NationalSigningDay to all of you who are enrolling at your university this weekend. This is such a fun and exciting time - knowing what the next 2-4 years of your life will be ... the uncertainty is over!

As you are transitioning from high school to college or even college to career, it is really important to think about creating a professional wardrobe. Now, this is not something that needs to be done over night, but rather is something you can work towards in the next couple of years. (Personally, it took me until December (yes ... five months ago) to complete my professional wardrobe ... it's a process!!)With job and internship interviews unexpectedly popping up or exciting leadership opportunities coming, it is important to have a nice wardrobe for work and for those special events, so start planning for it now!

Here are my suggestions on staples that you should have in your first professional wardrobe!

Black/Brown Pants - These are your great every-day pieces that you can build on. Especially for guys, you will want to invest in some good quality black pants. For girls, you can find black or brown as they are the easiest to find tops to go with. These also can look really professional and nice for interviews, so invest in a good pair!

Blazer/Jacket - Now, I just invested in a blazer, but having one on hand is great for when you need to cover your shoulders, but yet don't want to wear a full-on coat either. Guys, definitely invest in a good suit jacket in black. It will go with any colored pants you wear and dresses you up for those more formal events! Make sure you try these on before you buy so that they fit you just how you want them to!!

Creme Shirts - Have some white or creme shirts in your wardrobe too. These are good for when you have a pair of funky colored pants or a really eccentric skirt. It keeps it looking professional while still letting you show your personality with your bottoms!

Black Dress Shoes - Invest in these now so that you can break them in and feel comfortable wearing them. Guys, it is so important to have nice dress shoes on hand, you don't know how many times I have seen my classmates come to induction ceremonies and celebration dinners wearing sneakers because they don't have any dress shoes ... don't be that guy! Ladies, if you're not used to wearing dress shoes, start now so that your feet get used to the way they feel. You can try a heel, wedge, or just a flat, but make sure they fit your foot well and will go with many different outfits!

Accessories - These will help you dress up or add personality to any outfit you wear. Girls, you can add personality with your necklaces and bracelets, so if you find an inexpensive necklace or a cute bracelet, pick it up so that you can add it to your wardrobe! Guys, when you see a tie or a bow-tie that screams you, pick it out. You'll want to have one professional looking tie, but feel free to add funny ones in there too! This is where your personality and uniqueness can shine!

There are many other staples that you should add to your wardrobe, so feel free to check out my video on my YouTube channel here where I explain all of the items you should add to your professional wardrobe!! Is there something else you think should be added or is there a go-to store where you get your 'dress clothes'? Then comment below with your thoughts and suggestions too!!

enjoy the chase,

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