Monday, April 4, 2016

Handling a Denial Letter

Hi everyone! If there is anything that I have learned throughout my past 6 years of chasing college, it is that your dream plan does not always work out. While it can be disappointing, it is undoubtedly a significant part of life.

Being denied from a college or university that you applied to can sting ... really badly. Whether they were your first choice institution or your fourth, being denied admissions to a university is something that is difficult to handle. Because this is an unfortunate side affect of choosing to attend college, I wanted to devote a post to it.

First things first, it is perfectly normal to cry when you receive that denial letter and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Especially if it is a first choice university, your response is perfectly normal. In life, you will face disappointments - bad grades, missed job opportunities, relationship break-ups, and even more difficult moments. In all of these, it is okay to be sad and to show your emotion. What is important though, you can't sit in that sadness for the rest of your life or the rest of your senior year. Take a few days to grieve the disappointment and then make your new future plan from there!

Telling the important people in your life about a denial of acceptance will be just as difficult as reading the words in the letter, but it is important to do. Tell your close family members, friends, and teachers, but don't feel like you need to blast it over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I would also share the news with your school counselor so that they can assist you with reworking your plan for the future.

Next, you will want to review your overall plan for the future. Compile all of your acceptances (if you applied other universities) or a list of other universities where you can still apply.

  1. If you have other acceptances, then start looking at financial aid packages, overall campus climate, opportunities in your major, and potential extra-curricular experiences. Doing this will hopefully allow you to see a bright side in another university. While it may not be the same as the one that you were denied from, it can still provide you with an amazing college experience!
  2. If you did not apply to any other universities, you will want to look in your local area or in the area where you are interested in attending college to find which universities have rolling admissions. Universities with rolling admission accept applications throughout the school year and into the summer for a new incoming class, so there would be no deadline to adhere to! Even if your only option is a community or junior college for right now, still pursue it because you can always look into transferring after the fall or spring. 
From that reorganization, you should be able to create some new plans for your upcoming future. It also doesn't hurt to talk with your school counselor or even the Admissions Counselor from the university. It could be that your grades are the reason behind your denial, so spending a year at community college to help your grades improve could give you the opportunity to enter as a transfer student! 

When I was younger, there was one university in this world that I wanted to attend more than anything. It was so prestigious, I loved the feel of the campus, and I looked good in the school colors. I chose not to apply as an undergraduate and instead waited to apply as a graduate student to their School of Education. I didn't necessarily think I was a guaranteed acceptance, but I thought my GPA, GRE scores, and experiences would at least permit an interview. So, I was crushed when I received my denial letter through e-mail ... I literally spent ten minutes crying in my car after I was done with Student Teaching because I was so upset and disappointed. However, looking back on it, there was no way that I would have been able to afford the university, afford living in the city where it was, nor could I have a social life while there. So, while I was disappointed and I needed to make new plans, the outcome and the opportunities I have had not at that university have provided me with so many more learning opportunities!

So just remember, if you do receive a denial letter, it is okay to be upset and sad, but it is also a new opportunity to rework your future goals and plans!!

enjoy the chase,

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