Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thoughtful Thank You Gifts

Hi everyone! As the end of the school year winds down, we start thinking about how much certain people have impacted our year; teachers, bosses, mentors, upperclassmen ... etc. Oftentimes, we cannot think of the right words to say thank you, so giving them a thoughtful gift is the next best option to show them how much they mean to you!

When you're thinking about gift ideas for some of your favorite people, make sure you consider their personality and interests as well. This is a fairly straight-forward list, but you can customize almost anything to have it fit their personality and their needs! Let's get started!!!

1. Notebook Set
You can find the greatest notebook and pen sets out there, anywhere: Hallmark, Target, Etsy, and Luxury good stores. There are so many options of sizes and sets that could fit any type of writer. Whether for a grocery list or daily goals, this would be a really thoughtful gift for any boss or friend who you are really grateful for!

2. Beauty Products
If this friend is a hair-dresser, make-up artist, or just someone who loves beauty products, some samples or a gift box from a beauty store could be a great "Thank you" gift for them. It could include shampoo, aftershave, eyeshadows, or lip glosses. Whatever would strike their fancy and feel appreciated! Again, this is all about tailoring it to their interests, so pick something they would love.
3. Framed Picture
I mentioned it in my Graduation Gift Guide, but I LOVE giving framed pictures to people as a "Thank you." It's one of those items that captures an exciting or captivating moment in your relationship. The picture could be from a conference, a night out, or just from a day in the office. It is a great way to show how much they mean to you and how you hope the relationship will continue for future years! 

4. DIY-Inspired Puns
Pinterest is filled with cute thank you gifts that are pun-tastic! Think about giving life-saver candies to that person who was such a life-saver during school. You can find some really funny ones that match whatever personality you are giving the gift to. Don't hesitate to combine a few ideas or put your own spin on it! They will just be so happy that you were thoughtful enough to give them something!

5. Restaurant Gift Card
Gift cards to restaurants are a really good gift for someone that you really want to thank, but can't come up with something different. You can pick a place where they always go or someplace that they would enjoy. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts is good for that one person who always goes there, but you can also get a Texas Roadhouse or a specialty restaurant gift card that they could use with their family. 

6. Monogrammed Bag
A nice beauty bag, wallet clip, or tote bag would be a great idea to give to a teacher or boss who you really respect. Then, add their monogram to it to add that personal touch.  You can also pick their favorite color to use for the thread. If you're trying to come up with something additional, put a few smaller in-expensive gifts inside the bag or a gift card in the wallet clip. 

7. Coffee or Tea Set
For the coffee or tea lover, why not gift them a nice set of new flavors that they would enjoy. You can also buy a cute mug to use for those taste testings. This is especially a good idea for future birthdays or other celebrations because you can find a gift set of anything: barbecue sauce, appetizer dips, seasonings .. etc. Find something that matches their personality that you know they'd love and can enjoy while relaxing!

8. Handwritten Note
When shopping for the perfect gift fails you, write them a thoughtful note sharing your appreciation for their friendship and mentorship over the year. You can make such an impact with a simple note to someone who doesn't expect it. In a world that is obsessed with materialistic items, a heart-felt and candid note can provide someone an extra dose of support and hope. They can keep it to read whenever they have a down moment or need encouragement.

Hands-down my most favorite "Thank you" gifts have been those thoughtful and heartfelt ones. When you give a gift you want to make sure it makes an impact on that person's thoughts and that they truly understand how grateful you are for them. So before you buy something, make sure it is coming from your heart and can truly show your thoughtfulness!

enjoy the chase,

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