Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Review: Hope For the Flowers

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to do a book review for you all about a really transformative book in my life.

As you may recall from my "Keeping your New Year's Resolutions in College" post, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to read one non-school book a week. Well ... my resolution didn't exactly stick, however in January I did read four books, so I started with the best intentions!

Anyways, one of the books I read was Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus. This was a gift to me from a really great mentor and its one of those reads that you really need to think about once you've finished reading it. This story was copyrighted in 1972, so it comes from a time of free thinking and transformation, which is why I think it is relevant to you all and this blog.

The story involves two caterpillars who are on the quest for what they think is something great. This greatness is also being pursued by a million other caterpillars in the world. They have no idea what is at the top of the climb, but think it must be something awesome if all of the other caterpillars are trying to get to it too.

Essentially, the point of the story (in my opinion, you may have another once you read it) is that following what everyone else does and pursuing a path that is common isn't always the best for you. As high schoolers and college students, we are constantly inundated with pressure to follow what everyone else does and choose the 'cookie-cutter' path. In this book, once the caterpillars break out of the normal path, they find a much more exciting and fulfilling life.

So, while everyone else may be choosing one path towards college, graduate school, or career. Make sure you choose a path that is going to provide you the most fulfilling life! Talk with your trusted resources and find the path that is just meant for you and your success! It may not be the easiest route and you may feel alone in your pursuit of it, but just know that by following what you want to do, you are truly creating your own future, which is amazing!

Here is a link to where you can buy Hope for the Flowers. It is a quick read, but can really help you through your next transformation if you let it!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy this time with your family and friends, while celebrating the lives of those who we've lost. Happy Memorial Day!

enjoy the chase,

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