Monday, May 9, 2016

Springing into Senior Year

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you to all of the mothers out there who support our decisions and desires to go to college! Ya'll are the best!!

Today I wanted to give some advice on what you should do in the spring of your junior year (either of high school or college)! You are about to enter the transition phase where all of your hard work has without a doubt paid off, so make sure you lay the groundwork for an amazing and fulfilling senior year!

1. Reach out to Recommenders - Before you leave for the summer, it would be a good idea to talk with your teachers and your professors who you think you may want to write your letters of recommendations for college applications or to act as your reference for future internship and job applications. It doesn't have to be an extensive conversation, but you will want to mention it to them that you are starting to think about your recommendations and that you think you would like them to write one in the Fall. This early notice will give them the opportunity, if they choose, to write it over the summer prior to the start of the year and the rush of other applications. If you don't want to mention the letter to them right away, then at least start having conversations with them about your future plans and they may bring it up too!

2. Speak with your Counselor or Advisor - Make sure you check in one last time with your school counselor or your Academic Advisor so that you can start talking about plans for the future. They may have some extra advice for you on tasks you can do over the summer to better ensure your plans will work out! They also may know about opportunities for this summer where you can work or gain more experience in your choice career!

3. Take your SATs/ACTs - For you juniors in high school, you will want to take your first round of college tests. Then also schedule one for next fall too. This allows you to utilize all of those math skills that you are using in your upper-level classes to do really well on the math portions of the exam. Oftentimes, your school will offer test preparation courses or after-school programs, so take advantage of those. Taking your exams before the summer let's you know your average score for when you visit colleges and have conversations with admissions counselors!

4. Prepare for Graduate School - For you college students, use this summer as your opportunity to prepare for graduate school. This could be prepping for and taking your GRE, LSAT, or GMAT or just completing more internships to round out your resume and experience. While this is the "last" summer before life really hits you, you still want to take it seriously and start planning for your future goals!

5. Take on a Leadership Position - Honestly, being a leader on your high school or college campus is really important for improving your people and management skills. If you are already a member of a club, then run for a position and if you are already an officer, then why not run for the President position! Management is a skill you will need no matter what career you choose, so taking advantage of leadership opportunities is really important. Personally, I always started out as a secretary because I loved to write and take notes. If you're better at math and finances, why not a position as Treasurer? Find the opportunity that best fits your personality and then go for it!!

6. Plan to Attend a Summer Camp -  High School juniors, use your last few weeks of school to lay the ground work for attending a summer camp; whether academic, arts, or leadership - based. It will be an amazing experience for you to get that first glimpse of life away from your house. For academic camps, you will most likely need recommendations from your teachers and a transcript, so you will want to make sure you secure those before leaving for the summer. If you are attending a leadership camp, just make sure you have all of the contact information you need. ( I attended Girls State, which is a politically-based leadership camp for high school juniors throughout your state (Each state has one) where you develop the government of a new state. I loved every second of it because it was something I enjoyed and I was surrounded by girls with the same interests that I had.) Look into a program that you will gain the most out of!!

As you finish up your school year, make sure you set the scene for what your senior year will be like! Make it enjoyable and prosperous as you begin your transition into becoming a senior!

enjoy the chase,

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