Thursday, May 5, 2016

Graduation Gift Guide!

Hi everyone!! It's been a crazy couple of weeks with preparation for final exams and finishing up all of the exciting happenings for the school year, but I wanted to share with you all Chasing College's Graduation Gift Guide!

I did a Holiday Gift Guide back in December and thought that a Graduation-themed one would be fitting for the time of year! Plus, sometimes thinking of a gift for a friend, cousin, or niece who is graduating from high school or college can be rather difficult, so I came up with some great unconventional gift ideas to share with you all!

1. Address Book and Note Cards 
 As the new grad enters the real world or the real world of college, get them started with an address book and some note cards to send to people. This is a sweet and thoughtful gift that will remind the grad to stay in communication with others, even if its through the mail. 
You can add a book of stamps to the gift and even add some addresses to the address book of people they may want to write (grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins).

2. Car Care Kit
If the graduate is commuting to college or bought a new car for their college graduation, a car care kit may be a good idea as a gift! If they are commuting, you can check out my list of essentials here, which could make a great gift basket idea. Otherwise, a car care kit for people depending on their car or for the male graduate may be a thoughtful, yet practical option!

3. A Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are such a great gift idea for the graduate who is difficult to buy for or who already has everything. They are shipped to the receiver, depending on the specific box, once a month or every few months. There are options out there for everyone: the make-up lover, the health fan, or the book nerd. Here is a list of some great subscription boxes, but you can also find some just by googling it. Also, for some of those boxes, they can change the shipping address so that once they move into their dorm room or new apartment, they can receive them there!

4. Thoughtful Gift Card
I say "thoughtful gift card," because gift cards can be seen as impersonal or unthoughtful, but a card to the right place can be just the gift the grad loves! Think about those random stores that the graduate would love to shop at but may not have the money to devote to it. Especially if a big purchase is coming up, like a laptop, new suit, or leather bag, a gift card to a place where the student can buy one of those items can be really helpful to them! 

5. Inspiration Board
This may be best for a friend or an older sibling or cousin who is graduating, but if you don't have a lot of money to spend but still want to be thoughtful, create an inspiration board for them to hang up in their dorm room or home office. You can include family pictures, quotes from their favorite books, cut-outs from magazines, and other inspiring images that will help them through their next journey! A gift doesn't always have to come from the wallet to come from the heart. 

6. A Framed Picture
I am notorious for giving framed pictures to people as gifts, especially for graduation and thank you's. This is another inexpensive way to show someone how much you mean to them. Print out a picture of the two of you from an event or from a great memory you share and then put it in a nice frame from Target or HomeGoods. If you add a heartfelt note to it, it will surely be one of the graduate's favorite gifts. 

7. Office Supplies
While some people may think giving office supplies to a graduate is lame, I firmly believe that that would be setting them up for future success! While I love a good post-it note dispenser, think about gifting a cute stapler, pen holder, and organizational tray for notes or other oddities. These items do not need to be drab or lackluster. Check out specialty stores and office supply stores to find some nice and colorful products that the grad can use on their desk!

I hope my Graduation Gift Guide has provided you some inspiration for gift giving in the coming weeks. No matter what though, a gift from the heart is going to be so meaningful to the new graduate and they will be so thankful to you for it! Best wishes on your gift giving!!!

enjoy the chase,

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