Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wish I Knew Wednesday

Hello everyone! Since it is Wednesday, I wanted to share with you all my personal "Wish I Knew Wednesday."

"I wish I had known that it is okay to be scared and nervous."

So, this is going to be a really candid post, but I think it is something we never talk about in terms of the transition from high school to college or from college to 'adult life.' We always talk about how exciting it is and what opportunities are awaiting in the future. But, even through those exciting things, it is okay to be scared for what is to come! 

This is a huge transition in your life and you are wondering if the decisions you are making now, which can impact the rest of your life, are going to be the right ones. I get it! These decisions in the next few months can totally shape the person you become, the career you pursue, and the life you live. 

There are a lot of unknowns when you face a transition; whether it be moving away from home, leaving your friends behind, questioning your personal relationships, changing careers, or just entering an entirely new world that you know nothing about. I think that these unknowns are what spark us to get creative with our thoughts and our ideas for what is to come. You should picture the types of activities you want to be involved in and how you are going to prepare for your classes. These are all good things that help us cope with the unknowns and the "scariness" of transitions. 

What is important, is to not let those fears or those concerns keep you from pursuing your goals. Don't let them cripple you so that you change your plans and choose a "safe route." Without a doubt, you should always have a back-up plan in case things don't work out the way you hope, but you should also still try and embrace the newness that comes with an amazing transition into a new world. 

I'm sure a lot of you are feeling this now as you prepare to graduate from high school, or as you are moving to a new city for an internship, or as you embark on the world of job hunting. All of these things are new and exciting and should not be detracted from just because you have some nerves. 

Personally, I am about to graduate with my Master's Degree and have every intention of moving away from my home, my family, and everything I've ever known to pursue a career and lifestyle that I want. And very candidly, I will tell you that I am scared to death that a job opportunity will not be offered or that I move away and hate every second of it, but I'm not about to let those nerves and worries change the whole course of my life ... and you shouldn't either. 

It is okay to be scared and nervous because that means that you care about something, you care about being successful, you care about your future, you care about your relationships with others, and most importantly you care about yourself and your dreams!

enjoy the chase,

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