Sunday, March 6, 2016

Commuter Week is Coming!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend spent with family, friends, and textbooks! In all seriousness though, I hope you are finding your weekends to be both relaxing and productive.

So, I just wanted to update you all that Chasing College's Commuter Week series is happening this week! I thought it would be a fun and exciting series that gives you all a glimpse at the commuter lifestyle in college. Especially if you are considering commuting in college or are contemplating moving into an off-campus apartment next year.

Some of the topics I will be discussing include:why you should commute, tips and strategies for being a commuter, things to have in your car or in your backpack, and where to spend down time on campus if you are a commuter.

If you have any last minute questions or something you want advice on in terms of commuting to college, feel free to comment below or tweet me and I'll be sure to talk about it this week!

See y'all tomorrow for the start to COMMUTER WEEK!!

enjoy the chase,

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