Thursday, March 3, 2016

Making the Most of Spring Break

Hi everyone! It is almost the weekend and for myself and students at other universities across the country it is almost Spring Break! This week off of classes is usually extremely needed by students to unwind, take a break from classes, and just relax for a few days ... I know I'm ready for a few days of no classes!! So, with that I wanted to write today's post about making the most of your week off this Spring!

I think what everyone wants to do on their Spring Break is travel ... specifically someplace warm or tropical to get away from the Winter weather! If you have the resources and the time, why not travel to a new place and experience an exciting new culture. In a past post I talked about the perfect spots for Spring Break, so check it out here!Whether you are going to the beach, to the city, or out in the country to visit family, make it a learning and growing experience for yourself! Take along a book to read for fun or visit an interesting museum with your group of friends!

A great thing about Spring Break is the amount of opportunities that are out there to volunteer, whether in your college community, local community, or someplace else in the country or in the world! Look for the opportunities to serve others while gaining leadership and career experience. When I was in undergrad, some friends of mine actually traveled down south to help with care clinics in rural parts of the country. They provided check-ups and other non-extensive medical attention to people who otherwise would not have access to it. There are tons of great opportunities like this that are afforded to college students, so ask your professors or administrators about programs they would recommend. 

Obviously, I'm going to mention working on school projects and reading ahead for assignments. While this may not be the best part of Spring Break, you should definitely try to get some work done. Whether it is reading research for a huge paper or working on a final portfolio, start on it! You will kick yourself if you don't get work done, so set aside some time throughout the week to work on it. Two hours here and there mixed in with some Netflix and sleeping can help you get ahead for when classes start again!

Take your week off to visit your high school friends. If they have Spring Break at the same time, that works great, but if not don't be discouraged. Why not plan a road trip to their university to see them. It is always interesting visiting friends when they are in college because you get to see what they are experiencing and you get to meet all of the new friends they've made. Make new memories with them so that your friendship can continue to survive into your adult years!

With a week off from school, you may finally have the opportunity to shadow a career mentor that you have been wanting to. Whether it is the whole week or just a day, use that time to see how an office works or to meet a career mentor for coffee. It can give you a good glimpse on where you want to guide your career and possible internship ideas for next summer. Use this free time to start thinking a little more about what you want to do and what other experiences you want to gain during your college career!

Most importantly, make sure you relax and enjoy your time off and time spent with family and friends! Let it be productive, but also let yourself be lazy a little bit! 

enjoy the chase,

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