Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spending Free Time as a Commuter

Hi everyone! Today we are continuing on with Chasing College's Commuter Week Series and I am discussing the places on campus where you can spend your free time. This could be between classes or before or after meetings.

If I could give you one piece of advice as a commuter, it is this: Do not go home between your classes! Obviously if you have medical needs as to why you need to go home, that is fine, but just because you have a two hour break between classes, does not mean you should be driving all the way back home, just to turn around and drive back to school. Not only will it save you money on gas, but it will also save you time! You can use those precious fifteen or thirty minutes that you would have been travelling to work on homework, catch up on e-mails, or attend a club meeting.

Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect place to spend your time between classes, you can check out my post on Finding your Study Spot or you can read on to find some commuter perfect spots for reading your e-mails and studying before class!

The Library
This is a rather obvious one, but the library is a great place to spend those couple of hours in between classes, work, and meetings. There are usually a lot of open areas for studying and working, so you can pick a computer table, a study cubby, a group room, or even just a lounge area. There also might even be a cafe there, so you can buy a lunch or just eat your own home-made lunch and snack!

Commuter Corner
A great thing about universities with a high commuter population is that they usually have an area designated for commuter students. Where I work, there is a specific set of offices set aside with couches, a dinner table, a kitchen sink, microwave, and refrigerator. Hanging out in these areas is a great way to meet fellow commuters and get to know more people. A lot of universities actually have them, so be sure to ask about those on your college tour.

An Empty Classroom
While this may seem kind of nerdy or 'square,' working in an empty classroom can be some of the most productive times you'll have. After a few weeks, especially on a smaller campus, you will learn which classrooms are open at which times, so just duck into one and start working on your homework. I wouldn't spread your stuff out too much, in case a class comes in late or if there is a meeting scheduled for that room, but spending time in there is much better than wasting 2 hours going home between your classes. 

With Spring coming and the warmer, beautiful weather on the horizon, another great place to spend your down time in between classes is on a bench outside! Soak up that Vitamin D while reading about Plato and Aristotle.You can sit and chat with your friends as they walk by or find a secluded area of campus that no one really knows about to enjoy the birds chirping and that Statistics homework you need to complete!

The Gym
Why not use your free time to get in some exercise and catch up on your favorite tv shows or vloggers. Or, if there is a dance or fitness class that you've been wanting to try, take advantage of that too! Just pack a change of clothes in your bag so that when you're done you can freshen up. Just remember, if you go to the gym and catch up on your fitness and television, you can use the time at home after your classes to study and work on projects!

Also, I know for me, if I were to go home in the middle of the day, it would take all of my strength to get back to campus in time for class. Don't temp yourself with your comfy couch and your snuggly dog, just stay at college and you can work on all of that extra stuff that needs to be completed for your classes!  Have a great day everyone!!

enjoy the chase,

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