Monday, March 28, 2016


Hi everyone! I am sorry for the elongated absence, I've been taking some time to spend with my family and friends before the rush of Spring happens! (Which should always be okay ... never regret spending time with your family, even if you have a 6 page Human Development paper to write ...)

Today I wanted to talk to you all about the huge news-maker the past few weeks ... NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament! What an event, there is really no other aspect of pop culture that celebrates a college education such as this ... which I think is so EXCITING!

There is oftentimes a lot of debate of whether these basketball players (women and men) are able to coordinate their time on academics appropriately because of their commitment to the sport, but I think what is important here is the combination of their athletics and academics.  Not only are they able to play the sport they love for a little bit longer, they are also able to get a great education at very well-respected universities. So, while some of us can get mad and upset when a player misses a free-throw or makes a dumb foul mistake, we have to remember that these are college students who are only 18, 19, 20, 21 years old! These are young kids, not the seasoned and experienced veterans of the WNBA and the NBA, so we need to take it easy on them when they make mistakes.

While some argue that college athletics is a business and should be ran as such, it is so necessary to argue that first and foremost they are also college students, working hard to achieve a life after basketball and after college. Spectators become very invested in the athletic careers of the students, which is great, but I have a challenge for all of you ... Become invested in their educational careers as well. Think about your favorite player or the college team you are/where routing for and ask yourself what their major is or what the major of a teammate is. Chances are you don't know because that's not something that's freely advertised with the student's statistics.

My challenge to all of you is to not only invest yourself in the university's team and their athletic performance but also their educational characteristics that brought them to that university in the first place!

enjoy the chase,

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