Friday, March 11, 2016

Tips and Tricks for Commuting

Hi everyone! Today we are concluding Chasing College's Commuter Week Series with my tips and tricks for being a Commuter Student!

1. Put some money on your meal card so that if you do get hungry or forget your lunch and a snack, you are able to buy something in the dining hall!

2. Always keep a bag of spare clothes in your trunk. You never know when inclement weather is going to keep you from getting home safely! Especially if you live in the Northeast or the Midwest, it is very possible that a snowstorm can turn bad quickly before your classes are cancelled!

3. Keep your textbooks in your car also. I mentioned in the "What's in My Bag" post from earlier in the week that you should try not to keep all of your textbooks in your backpack to help save your back! You obviously still want them around so that you can study when necessary, so keep them in your car so that when you need them, you can pick them up on your way to the library!

4. You should still get involved on campus, even if you live off of it. This is how you are going to establish friendships and make your college career more fulfilling! Get involved and get involved fast!

5. If your campus has a Commuter Club, then get involved with that too. They usually have special programming just for Commuter Students, like: off-campus socials, free pancakes or macaroni & cheese, or trips to a local city! Better yet, if your university doesn't have one, look into starting one for you and your fellow Commuters!

6. Try to give yourself a specific schedule that you are going to be on campus. Tell yourself that you will be on campus from 9:00am until 4:00pm or later. Actively knowing that you need to be on campus will help you to schedule studying, project work, and meetings within those times. Like I said yesterday, do not travel home when you have breaks in your classes. Use that time to work at an on-campus job or to study in the library!

7. Make sure you bring chargers with you or keep them in your car. Without a doubt, you'll definitely want a phone charger within your grasp, but you can also bring your laptop or your tablet charger! Just in case you are staying on campus for a few days or your technology just loses battery quickly. You'll want to be prepared!

8. Keep some spare change with you in case your car breaks down and you need to take the bus. You never know, so you should at least be prepared. Also, if you go downtown for lunch one day, you will probably need some quarters to pay the parking meter! (Yes, these are still a thing!)

I hope you all have enjoyed Chasing College's Commuter Week Series. I've really had fun writing all of these posts and sharing with you all my experiences and insights on being a commuter student! If you have any questions about being a commuter or have other tips and tricks that work well for you, please share below in the comments! Have a great weekend everyone!!

enjoy the chase,

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