Thursday, June 16, 2016

Throwback Thursday: High School Graduation

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to throw it back a little to 6 years ago when I, myself, graduated from high school! It doesn't even seem like it was six years ago that I walked across that stage and retrieved my High School Diploma and really began chasing college!

I've mentioned in a few posts and in my 6 month Q&A video that I graduated from high school as Valedictorian. Because of this, I was able to address the class and give the graduating speech. While it was something sentimental, where I talked about our memories and hopes for the future, I also added in lyrics from my favorite song! Make sure that your speeches, your graduation cap, your thank you's, whatever you need to do represent who you are and stay true to your personality!

My fiance, Tyler, and I did not attend the same high school, but we were both able to attend each others' ceremonies, as they were on different days. This was maybe the third picture we had ever taken up to this point, but it is also one of my favorites! On your graduation day, make sure you get pictures with all of your high school friends and family members so that you can hang them up in your dorm room or frame them and give them as a gift!

You always have to have a cheesy picture and something that shows how genuinely happy you are that you graduated. While you may not think it is a huge accomplishment to graduate from high school, (My thought was always, "Duh, of course I'm going to graduate), for some of your peers, it was truly the hardest thing they will ever do: pass their exams and walk across that stage. Celebrate this accomplishment and be happy that high school is behind you and you have the whole world in front of you! 

A standard event in my hometown area is to have a graduation party to celebrate your graduation. You typically invite a lot of your friends, relatives, community members, and even some teachers.  If you plan to have a celebration, make sure you enjoy every moment of it and take the time to speak with everyone who comes. There's a chance you will get lots of gifts and cards, so try to make your guests feel special too!!

For those of you graduating this year, congratulations! I always say this, but it is an accomplishment and a reason to celebrate, so make sure you take the time to reminesce on how you got to this point and be thankful for all of the help you've received on the way. For those who are looking forward to it next year or in a few years, give yourself some goals for next year and set out to make it your best school year yet! For all of those alums from high schools around the nation, use this week and next week to share your Throwback Thursdays about your graduation day and remember how truly thankful you are that your high school years are behind you!!

enjoy the chase,

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