Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Decorating your Graduation Cap

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!! This is such an exciting time of year and it only feels more real once you receive your cap and gown for the graduation exercises! Today, I wanted to do a fun post for you all that inspires you even more as you get ready for graduation.

A big part of High School and even College graduation ceremonies is decorating your cap to say exactly what you want it to! Whether it is relief for making it to graduation, hope for a future job, excitement for going to college, or even just gratitude for the people in your life, here are some creative ways to say what words cannot!

Keep it Simple

When I graduated from High School, I really wanted to decorate my cap, but I was so busy preparing my Valedictorian Speech, organizing for my party, and worrying about everything else in life, that I just put rhinestones on it. It was a simple, yet elegant way to add some great decoration. 

Monogram It

A really simple but cute option is just putting your monogram in the center of your mortarboard. You can find some pre-made ones on Etsy or just draw one on yourself with paint markers!

Quote a Book, Song, or Movie

Nothing says "you," quite like your favorite book or song lyric. You can pick a quote from Dr. Suess or from a Stephen King novel, whatever encompasses exactly what you are feeling as you walk down the aisle and receive your diploma! 

Include your future Major or College

People get really creative when including their majors or the colleges they plan to attend on their caps. It can just be drawing something like this tooth one for becoming a Dental Hygienist or an apple for going to college to become a teacher. You can even include something about your new school, like their mascot or emblem! 

Show your Passions

Whether you performed in Musicals, love coin collecting, or spruce up old furniture to sell on Ebay, find a way to include it on your cap design. It could be something as simple as music notes for the singers or the beautiful "I Hope you Dance" for the dancers!

Collage of Memories or Pictures

Another great way to say "Thank you" and show your gratitude for your family and friends is by including some pictures and memories from your time in school. There will most likely be a Senior Slideshow shown throughout the ceremony, but why not give your own slideshow with your favorite pictures and memories from the last 4-12 years. 

A simple Google Image search or search on Pinterest can help you find some inspiration for decorating your mortarboard. You can find all of these decorated caps and more on my Pinterest Board entitled: The Best is Yet to Come: Graduation Caps! It also may be a fun idea for you and your group of friends to have a decorating party a few nights before the big day! Feel free to tag Chasing College on Twitter or #ChasingCollege on Instagram so that we can see your graduation caps!! No matter what though, make sure you enjoy the start to the graduation festivities and make your cap an extension of who you are and what you hope your future holds!

enjoy the chase,

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