Tuesday, June 28, 2016

College Orientation Essentials

Hi everyone! Congrats to all of the graduates who walked across the stage this past weekend!! Your next step is college orientation if you are choosing to continue onto college. There are plenty of essentials you need, so read on for my thoughts!!

College Orientation is a really exciting time! You meet all of your new classmates, professors, your Advisor, and start your life at a new school! Orientation will be filled with information sessions about housing and dining services, campus safety, registration and placement tests, as well as, icebreakers and social events to help you make new friends.

This fun-filled and somewhat exhausting program can last from 9:00am all the way to 10:00pm depending on the type of program your new college runs. It could also be one or two days during the summer or a week before classes start in the Fall. No matter what though, there are some important essentials that you will want to bring with you to Orientation. 

Because I'm trying to constantly improve this blog for you all and try new things, I made a video explaining all of the essentials that I think you will need with you for your College Orientation! 

Again, these are all of my suggestions and things that were helpful to me during my Orientation experience, as well as, what I saw other students needing when I was an Orientation Leader. Just be true to yourself and make Orientation the best experience possible! If there are items you think I forgot or that you are definitely not leaving behind, feel free to comment below or comment on the YouTube video here!

enjoy the chase,

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