Saturday, August 13, 2016

College Packing Must Haves

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far! For those of you headed out to college in the next few weeks, I wanted to do a post for you all about my college packing must haves! There are TONS of lists out there on what you should pack for your college dorm room. You could peruse Pinterest for years and still not find the exact items that I think you need! Let's get started!

Surge Protectors
When you're sharing a room with a roommate, your access to electrical outlets can be limited, especially if there are only two or three in the room to begin with. Because of this, my suggestion is to bring two different surge protectors with multiple outlets on them. Buy one with a shorter cord and one with a longer cord to make sure you will be able to reach all of your lights and appliances! 

Rain boots
In terms of clothes, rain boots are definitely the number one item I recommend students bring with them to college. Classes are outside, so you will need to walk through even the most torrential of downpours to get to a lecture. Rain boots are not only functional, but you can also find some really cute ones too. Another great thing is that they come in every price point and are available at a ton of stores, so the options are endless!

Professional Outfit
Another outfit item I recommend is bringing a few professional outfits with you. Especially if you think you might get a job on campus or you plan to interview for different opportunities throughout the year, it will come in handy. For those guys out there, definitely use your graduation party money (if you have any left) to buy a nice suit. This will come in handy for all four years in college and for internship and job interviews after graduation!

Stuffed Animal
If you are the sentimental type and have never slept the night without one of your stuffed animals, bring it with you! It will cause you less anxiety and overall make you calmer as you complete this transition. If you're worried about public opinion, then put it in your pillowcase. As a Resident Assistant, I saw so many of my residents bring their stuffed animals with them to college, while it can get excessive, don't feel weird if you bring your favorite!

Personal Contacts and Information
Any information that you are going to need while you are away at college you will want to bring with you. Contact numbers for your parents and other important people, your doctor's offices, and any other agencies that you use often (on paper also, you never know when you could lose your contacts in your phone). You will also want to have a copy of your parents' insurance cards if you do not use the student insurance offered at your college. Any paperwork that will be useful should an emergency arise, I would definitely bring with you!

Duffle Bag or Suitcase
You may be thinking to yourself, 'Well, duh, how else am I going to get my clothes to school.' But, you want to keep a small suitcase or a duffle bag at college with you so that you have it to pack clothes for a short weekend home or if you and your friends plan a trip out of town for Midterm Break. You can store it in your closet/wardrobe or if your residence hall has a storage area in the basement, you might be able to store it there too. 

Is there something you are definitely not leaving at home when you move into your dorm room in a few weeks? Be sure to share below in the comments! Good Luck with your packing and enjoy the last few days at home this summer!!

enjoy the chase,

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