Saturday, July 9, 2016

College Road Trip Series: THE SOUTHWEST

Hey everyone and Welcome to the last day of the Chasing College Road Trip Series!! I hope you all had a great time learning about new schools and can start planning your own college road trip this summer! Out last stop is the Southwestern United States, where the air is dry and the weather is warm!! Let's get started on the final leg of our chase!

Located within an hour of Los Angeles, the beach, and the mountains, Claremont McKenna College is a great spot for students who have a wide variety of interests. This Claremont, California liberal arts college provides students the opportunities to define their own education through various academic programs, leadership opportunities, and community service outreach. They offer your typical 'liberal arts' majors, but some unique ones include: American Studies, Environmental Analysis Program, Middle Eastern Studies, and Science Management. On your road trip, you will definitely want to check them out so that you can see first hand what their student experience is like!

CMC not only offers hour-long tours twice a day, but they also offer a really detailed information session for visitors before the tour. They cover information about the academic programs, the student experience, the admissions process, and financial aid! You can also schedule an interview with an Admission Counselor while you are visiting to help improve your student profile and so that they can learn more about you before you apply! You can find out all of this information and how to register on their website here.

If you're looking for a community college in the middle of the desert, look no further than Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, Arizona! They were the first community college in Arizona and are the only one to have a marching band!! They award Associate's Degrees in a variety of programs including: Automotive, Cosmetology, Graphic Design, and Welding. EAC also offers students a close-nit community with their athletics teams and their campus living options being right on campus. You are not only able to succeed in the classroom, but you are also able to make lasting memories as a  contributing member of the student body!

If attending one of their great Preview Days isn't an option (you get a tour, talk to an admission counselor, see the performance groups, eat on campus, and attend a football or basketball game), then you will want to give the Office of Admissions a call or e-mail to see if you can schedule a one-on-one tour with their office. You can find their contact information and the registration for the Preview Days here.

This art school, located in Tuscon, Arizona, is a great visit for students who are interested in the anthropological and historical side of art and can be inspired by the clay earth and great history of the Tuscon region! They offer many different programs like Landscape Architecture and Interior Design. They also offer a Master's of Fine Arts Degree for those students who wish to continue on to their terminal degree! Students are also able to get involved in the many career-related organizations, as well as, Army ROTC.

To schedule a visit to campus, you will need to do it here on their website. You fill out a form which is sent back to the Admissions Office and then they will plan your day and tour for you! Taking a tour of SUVA is a great way to see how the students interact and what the facilities look like. If you are travelling far away from home to attend a Southwestern university, it is always important to visit a campus so that you can see how you will be supported in the absence of your family.

As the largest institution of higher education in New Mexico, the University of New Mexico provides its students with great opportunities for research, career growth, and leadership! Its location in Albuquerque, New Mexico (the state's largest city) allows students to reach out into the community to apply the knowledge of the classroom into internships to help the community and its businesses. They have sixteen different colleges (over 220 different majors) within the university that cover subject areas like the Fine Arts, The Library Sciences, Public Administration, and Nursing. With tons of performance groups, athletics teams, and organization events, there is always something to do on campus and someway to get involved!

UNM offers many different opportunities to visit campus. You can attend an event like Open House or you can schedule a personal tour. The personal visit includes an hour-long tour and a 30-minute information session where an Admission Counselor will talk about the application and admission process, as well as, student life, and financial aid! Reservations are required, so to find out more information you can stop by here and sign up for a visit!

West Texas A&M University is located in the panhandle of Texas, just south of the city of Amarillo. Their medium size and renowned faculty make this a great destination for you or your friends who want a bigger university, but also want to get to know the professors and administrators well! Some of their comprehensive undergraduate programs include: Equine Industry and Business, Wildlife Biology, Emergency Management Administration, and Broadcast Journalism.  The Buffaloes at WTAMU play in Division II for athletic contests and their women's softball team won a National Championship in 2014!

They call it a "WT Test Drive," when you're visiting WTAMU for the first time! The Admissions Office staff wants you to look at their campus just like you would look at buying a new car - making sure it fits you and your needs! (It's actually a great analogy!) Test Drives are offered twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon and include a tour of campus, an admissions presentation, and an opportunity to meet a faculty member if you would like. You can request a tour right on their website here.

Southern Methodist University is one of those schools that now, I really wish I had looked at during my college search process. It is located in Dallas, Texas and offers a community feel with many research opportunities and chances to be involved in clubs and organizations. SMU is highly ranked and regarded for their art programs as well as, focuses on sustaining resources within the Lyle School of Engineering. Students are also able to get involved in athletics teams, fraternities and sororities, and through research within their majors. As a mustang, you get to 'Pony Up' to your potential!

To visit SMU, you have a few options. You can do a Daily Visit where you attend an Admissions Information Session, a Campus Tour, and an Information Session for your academic department, or you can wait for an Open House event like Mustang Days. Whichever fits your road trip schedule best, you will want to check out all of the options on their website here.

I hope you all had a great road trip across the United States visiting and learning more about a bunch of different options for you and your friends. I really do suggest you and a group of your friends take a couple day road trip to visit some of the schools you all are interested in to see if they really are the right fit for you!! Please let me know if you have any other colleges or universities that you would add to the road trip lists! I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy planning your road trips! As always ...

enjoy the chase,

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