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College Road Trip Series: THE NORTHEAST

Hi everyone and Welcome to the first day of the Chasing College Road Trip Series! This week my blog posts will take us on a chase and journey throughout the country to look at some great colleges and universities! I chose the specific universities that I did because of their uniqueness and because of their appeal to a wide variety of majors and programs, or because they were really specific.

If you plan on travelling with a bunch of your friends, I wanted to include schools that would fit everyone's needs, both the wildly specific and the super low-key! Today's road trip takes us through the Northeast region of the United States. As I am a native to the northeast and pretty familiar with colleges and universities in this area, I wanted to share those with you first. Please Note: in no way am I endorsing these institutions as the only options for a college visit to the Northeast. If there are specific types of universities you want to visit and need some advice, comment below or send me an e-mail! You can visit these from top-to-bottom or from bottom-to-top depending on where you live and how you want your trip to look. Let's get started!!!

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Hartwick College is located in the upper Catskill Mountains of New York State and they offer a comprehensive liberal arts education in a variety of academic programs offered to undergraduate students. Their small class sizes and unique academic opportunities like, J-Term and beginning internships early, will excite even the most unexcitable in your road trip group! Their location in Oneonta, NY is great for those students seeking a college town with activities going on downtown and on campus!

Hartwick Colleges offers many opportunities to visit campus this summer with Visit Days offered each Friday in July and on Friday, August 5th where you can take a tour of campus, attend an information session, as well as, eat in the Dining Hall! If a Friday visit doesn't work for your visit, you can try a weekday too with opportunities to take a tour of campus Monday-Friday! You can learn more about their visit days at their website here.

Syracuse University is also located in Central New York and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs across 14 schools within the university. Not only do they offer the 'normal' majors, but they also offer these interesting academic programs: Aerospace Engineering. Creative Leadership, Jewelry and Metalsmithing, and Supply Chain Management. SU is sure to meet everyone on the road trip's needs, while still offering something for the artists and the athletes!

Syracuse University's Admissions Office offers tours and information sessions Monday-Friday, several times throughout the day. They also have three planned Preview Days for this summer: July 29th, August 5th, and August 12th where you can take a tour of campus and attend information sessions. For more information, you can check out more about Syracuse's visit opportunities and how to schedule your appointment at their website here.

The University of Vermont is located in Birlington, VT, directly across Lake Champlain from New York State. UVM is a large, public research university which attracts students from across the country and the world to the #1 Ranked College Town in America. It offers 100+ majors in the health sciences, engineering, and arts and sciences fields, as well as, many others. If you or your friends are looking for that big lecture hall and college town environment, UVM would be a great place to check out and take a tour of!

The University of Vermont provides Information Sessions and tours to prospective students most weekdays and Saturdays during the summer. They also offer major-specific information sessions to students who want to learn more about their intended program. You can make a reservation and learn about the dates for Information Sessions on their website here. The campus is huge, so you'll want to bring your walking shoes!!

Another great small, liberal arts college to visit on your tour of the Northeast is Springfield College in Springfield, MA. If you're looking for a small community where you can contribute academically and as a campus leader, you won't want to miss Springfield. They have many campus traditions and offer many different academic programs including: Athletic Training (one of my friends from HS graduated from this program and loved every minute of her time at SC), Emergency Medical Services Management, and Pre-Physician Assistant.

Springfield College offers campus tours three times a day during the week and on some Saturdays as well. They also present Information Sessions at 11:00am on weekdays to visitors regarding the admissions and financial aid process, student life experience, and their academic programs. You can learn more about scheduling a visit and you can view their Events Calendar on their website here.

If you have a science lover in your car for this road trip, a great place to stop for them is Worcestor Polytechnic Institute. WPI is located in Worcester, MA and is a university that focuses on the science, technology, mathematics and engineering field. They do offer other majors in the arts and sciences, however they are highly recognized and regarded as a leader in STEM research. If you're looking to be a student-athlete, WPI offers various athletics teams that boast many past All-American and Scholar Athletes!

Worcester Polytechnic Institute offers a two-hour visit opportunity at 9:00am, 11:00am, and 1:00pm, depending on availability, where they do an Information Session and a campus tour. The Admissions Office has a really nifty calendar here where you can see what time slots are available for which days to help better plan your campus visit. You do need to register in order to take part in the Information Sessions and campus tour. All of their visit opportunities are listed on their website here.

For the artsy members of your social circle, the Massachusetts College of Art & Design will definitely be an interest to them to visit. MassArt is located in Boston, MA and is close to many of the other universities that call Beantown home. They offer majors in Art History, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Sculpture. Here you will earn a B.F.A. (Bachelor's of Fine Arts) and be able to take part in the many exhibits and lecture series offered by renowned artists and alums!

Massachusetts College of Art & Design offers campus tours most weekdays at 12:00PM. If you're really interested in going to an Art School, it could prove beneficial to set up an appointment with an Admissions Counselor to talk about admissions and also to do an informal portfolio review. They can help provide pointers on strengthening your application for admission. You can find the calendar for campus tours here and then you can find all other information for visiting campus and scheduling a visit here.

Again everyone, these are my suggestions to make your road trip well-rounded and inclusive of anyone's interests. If there is another university you want to substitute another for, by all means go right ahead. Just make sure that your road trip is filled with fun and exciting moments of chasing college!!

enjoy the chase,

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