Thursday, July 7, 2016

College Road Trip Series: THE MIDWEST

Happy Thursday everyone!!! I hope you all are enjoying the College Road Trip so far and getting to know a lot of great, different universities around the country. Today we are travelling through the Midwest, visiting many different sizes of schools in various locations and city-scapes. Keep reading to get a taste of the universities in the Midwest!!

Loyola University Chicago is one of the most highly recognized Catholic universities in the country for its academics! (Don't worry if you're not Catholic,it usually isn't an issue!) They offer so many academic programs like: Bioinformatics, Dance, Forensic Science, and Software Engineering. Not only are there tons of opportunities to get involved on campus and within your academic program, but its prime location in the city of Chicago make it a great destination for those craving a city life like no other!

The Lake Shore Campus (which is gorgeous, by the way) allows visitors each weekday to take a tour of campus. They also offer campus tours and information sessions on the weekends in the Fall. If you want to visit both the Lake Shore Campus and the Water Tower Campus, which the university suggests, they have a day schedule that allows students who would take classes on both campuses the opportunity to see both sides of Loyola. You can get more information about these tours on their website here.

Funny Story: When I was in the 7th grade, all I wanted in the world was to be a Badger at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and study Meteorology and attend every hockey game! Truly that was what I wanted, but life happened and I changed my mind a couple thousand times, but the interest stuck and the college culture in my family let me examine every crazy college idea I had!  Anyways, I digress ....

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a large, public, research university that admits about 50% of applicants and awards approximately 7.000 Bachelor's degree a year! They offer so many different programs that it would be hard to find someone who was interested in studying something UMW doesn't have. If you and your friends want a confident college experience filled with large lectures, tons of clubs to join, and an amazing network of alumni (33 of which have won the Pulitzer Prize), why not check out the University of Wisconsin-Madison on your Midwest Road Trip!

UMW offers information sessions and a walking tour every weekday for visitors. Something that is really interesting that they do is offer a seperate tour of all of the university housing options. So, you can do both tours in your day there, you will just need to register for both of those here. Now remember, it is a large campus, so be prepared to walk a lot on your tours, but focus and enjoy every second!

As a liberal arts college in Minnesota where 70% of its students study abroad, Carleton College is a great college visit destination for any prospective student looking to create their own college experience and get the most for their investment! Its country location allows students the chance to reconnect with the outdoors and embrace nature, while the hour-long drive to Minneapolis gives you that big city getaway when you need some more excitement! They also offer majors in Women's and Gender Studies, Environmental and Technology Studies, and Linguistics.

You will want to schedule your visit two weeks in advance to Carleton College, but your tour of campus could also include an interview, an overnight stay, or attending a class. Because of these opportunities, it may be wise to dedicate a whole day to Carleton before heading on to our next university in the road trip! You can find out more visit information here.

For the artists in your group or those who love the art world, a trip to the Minneapolis College of Art & Design should definitely be on your list for a college road trip! They offer a lot of the more expected art school majors, but a great initiative they have is a hiring program for students. So, they have a specific part of their website where businesses can request interns or artists to help their company with specific projects. How great is that? Attending a university that not only supports your professional growth but also does everything in their power to help you get experience .. that's a place where you want to get an education!!

In order to visit MCAD, you will need to e-mail or call their Admissions Office to set up an appointment. They also allow prospective students to tour the facilities without an admissions counselor or student tour guide, so if you are just stopping by, that may be a good opportunity for you to see what the campus has to offer, while still keeping on schedule for your road trip. Check out their visit website here.

Iowa Lakes Community College offers many different Associate's Degrees both on-campus and online. Some of their online programs include: Accounting Specialist, Human Services/Disability Studies, and Business Administration & Management. While the term 'community college' may suggest that their on-campus resources are limited, they actually offer many different offices to students at ILCC. They even offer on-campus housing for students who wish to live in the dormitories while achieving their two year degree!

A great thing about visiting Iowa Lakes is that all you do is complete an Individual Visit form on their website here and the great staff in the Admissions Office will plan a visit that is specific to your interests and needs! If there is something more specific that you want to know about college visits or about setting up a group tour, you can call the Office of Admissions to speak with an Admissions Counselor about it!

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology offers great programs for those students who are wildly specific about the STEM major they wish to pursue. Students can study Meteorology, Geology, Mining Engineering, and several different Engineering programs here, while pursuing an active life on campus in clubs and organizations. To get even more career experience, Miners can start research while an undergraduate student and can then present that information at a Student Research Symposium!!

Personalized visits on the SDSM&T campus in Rapid City, South Dakota allows you to meet with an admissions officer while going over the admissions process, financial aid information, academic programs, and touring campus. They also offer large visit opportunities at Open Houses throughout the Fall where you can get more information here. If you or one of your friends is really interested in engineering or any of the STEM programs, you will want to make SDSM&T a mandatory stop on your college road trip!!

Is there any place I forgot or you think is worth visiting? Add it in the comments below or tweet me on Twitter for everyone to see!!

enjoy the chase,

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