Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hey everyone ... Happy Friday!! I don't know about you, but I have had a long week of work, preparing assignments, working on projects, and trying to further my career. I hope your weeks were just as productive! In the next few weeks I will examine the different types of colleges there are, ie: private, technical, research ... etc, as well as, discuss the art of crafting your admissions essay. Until then, here are some things I am currently obsessed with!

PEP TALK by Kid President - I saw this video in the fall of my senior year of college and it has changed the way I think about things. You are awesome, always remember that! You have something to give this world and don't forget, "It's everybody's duty to give this world a reason to dance." - Kid President.


41 Scenic College Campuses That Were Made for Instagram - These pictures were part of my inspiration for this blog. College campuses have such an other-worldly feel to them and these photos really capture it. When you find the college that is right for you, you will get that 'other-worldly' feel as soon as you walk around campus!

Getting from College to Career - I mentioned this book by Lindsey Pollak on my Twitter account the other day. I just finished reading it and am so inspired about my career in higher education. Whether you are a sophomore in high school, a freshmen in college, or a first year graduate student, this book will help you so much. It talks about interview tips, suggestions about finding internships, and so many other things to help you prepare for your life in and after college!

Four Things New Applicants Should Know about the Common App - I will be discussing the Common Application more in depth later on, but I wanted to share this article, as it is important to get mentally prepared before you start applying!

BIG 10 Mascots - Last year, the mascots for some universities in the BIG 10 Conference made a parody of Taylor Swift's hit 'Shake it Off.'  It's just a really funny video that always makes me smile and laugh.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Homecoming for all those High Schools and Colleges who are celebrating this weekend!

enjoy the chase,

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