Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wish I Knew Wednesday

Hello everyone! I hope this week has been treating you well. I wanted to introduce a new series to you today known as "Wish I Knew Wednesday." This is a series that will be published on Wednesdays with what real high school and college graduates wish they had known throughout the college search process and I will provide my tips and suggestions for how to combat these questions/issues early on!

"I think knowing about getting a job on campus to have money would have been nice to know more about." 
Logan T., 24, Afton, New York

When you start visiting different universities and taking college tours, you will begin to make a list of questions/information you ask about at each college campus. If you think you will be needing a job while enrolled in college, that is definitely something to ask the tour guide and an Admissions Adviser about.

Some colleges/universities only allow those students who have Federal Work Study listed in their Financial Aid packet to have a job on campus, while others will allow any student to work. (Federal Work Study usually works so that the money you make on campus will go directly towards your student bill.) While on campus, you can also ask the tour guide where most students on campus work, whether its at a coffee shop in the bookstore or in one of the administrative offices. 

Additionally, it is important to note that students always have the option of getting a job off campus, such as a retail position at a local shopping center. This money will not go directly towards your tuition and will be handled as a normal job at home or during the summer. One important thing to note though is that a job off campus is usually not as lenient as an on-campus job would be when it comes to exams, school breaks, and personal emergencies. Most often you also will not need to rely on transportation if you work directly on campus. 

Working within your college community is definitely important to bring up with your Admissions Counselor when you discuss the issue of financing your degree. They may have more suggestions that specifically fit that college campus too!

enjoy the chase,

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