Monday, August 31, 2015

Visiting Campus: Part 2 - What to See on Campus?

When you do a campus tour through the Admissions Office of a college or university, they have specific areas of campus they will show you. These will include academic buildings, dining facilities, some athletic areas and usually a Residence Hall. Because of their tour, you may think there is nothing left to see ... FALSE! If you do your research before you visit the campus, you should have a list of spots you want to see on campus. 

Your list of specific places on campus will help guide your tour so that you get the most out of your campus visit. When I was visiting the colleges I applied to in my undergrad, I knew I wanted to see the university's dance studio, hockey arena, and library, so I made sure the tour guide took us there. If it wasn't part of the tour, I asked my Admissions Counselor how to get there and my parents and I toured it ourselves.

Depending on your prospective major, here are some places you may want to visit:

video production lab
art studio
chemistry/biology labs
newspaper room
upperclassmen dorms

Also, don't just confine your tour to campus, be sure to take a drive through the town in which the campus lies. Check out the coffee shop, deli, bookstore, vintage shop, park, and the other interesting places in that town. This could be where you spend four or more of your "growing up" years, so not only are you marrying the college, but also the town it's in.

Your campus tour is the chance to see what you want and what is going to help you make your college search process easier and eventually help you make your admission decision, so make it yours!

enjoy the chase,

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