Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Before Freshmen Year

    The summer before your Freshmen year of college can be one of the best summers of your young life. You are busy celebrating your and your friends' accomplishments, taking vacations with your families, and making as many memories as possible before you leave home for the first time.
    This can be an exciting time, however it can also be filled with much anxiety, nerves, and questions ... Am I going to like the school I chose? Will I change my major? What if my roommate is messy and inconsiderate?  Below I give you some tips on making your summer before your freshmen year of college exciting, memorable, and prepared for the school year to come!

1. Spend time with your family - As silly as that may sound, things will change in your house after you leave for college. Relationships won't be exactly the same, as you assert more of your independence and transition into acting more of an adult. Play that game of kickball with your younger brother, go on the camping trip into the mountains, stay home for a game and movie night, and be totally consumed by your family while you're in that moment. After you move into your dorm in the fall, these memories and relationships will help you with your transition, so nurture them while you have the chance.

High School Graduation 2010

2. Maintain your passions - Whether you danced in high school, played three sports, sang for your Church choir, or just loved running, continue those passions into the summer. All of these activities provide a support network for you and are a great thing to continue even into college. They will help clear your mind when you need a break from studying and they also might provide you your first college friends! Take the summer dance class, do the required workouts for your soccer team, and continue singing! Keep these healthy habits going because they will be even harder to break once you start classes.  * FYI: Joining a club or sports team as soon as you arrive on campus can really help avert homesickness. 

3. Enroll in the Early College Program - If you are invited to enter any early programs at the college, whether they be through an EOP program, the Honors program, or through a sports team, enroll in and complete them. These programs will help ease your transition into college. They will bring you together with like-minded people and will provide you the resources you need to be successful for the next two to four years. Yes, it can be tough to leave for college two weeks before all of your friends, but the experience you gain from the programs and their mentors will really help once the fall semester begins!

4. Attend Summer Orientation - Most orientations are mandatory, so don't even consider not going to them. This is usually when you will register for your classes, fill out your housing survey (which will be used to match you with your roommate!), and meet the professors in your major/program. You will also get a lot of good information, like where to buy your laptops from, how to register for on-campus parking, and which building would be best to live in! This is the first step that makes going to college REAL. Go with an open mind and take it all in. (Take notes during those information sessions because you won't remember a thing once you get back home.) 

5. Enjoy Every Second of Summer - Take a walk with your sister, go blackberry picking with your grandfather, camp outside, go on a road trip to all of your colleges with your closest friends, read the summer reading for Freshmen Writing, attend as many graduation parties as possible, prepare your resume for on-campus jobs, make good decisions, snuggle with your dog on a rainy day, tell your parents you love them everyday, take pictures (and print them for your dorm room wall), and make as many lasting and unforgettable memories as possible.

My graduation gift from my parents was to go on our French Club's
 trip to France the spring/summer before I went to college.
What an experience!!

This summer begins an entirely new chapter of your life; embrace it!

enjoy the chase,

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