Sunday, January 8, 2017

31 Questions to Ask a Tour Guide

Hi everyone! I hope your week was great and you are on your way to the best 2017 possible!  (Hint: It will be because you're chasing college. 😉)  I know that when you go on visits to college campuses, you aren't exactly sure what you want to ask ... trust me, I've been there on both sides of the tour!

Here's your ticket to bring prepared! I've compiled my list of great questions to ask the tour guides and students you meet while you are on campus! Here we go ...
  1. Have you ever had a conversation with the president?
  2. What has been your favorite class so far?
  3. What has been your least favorite class so far?
  4. Where do students spend their time between classes?
  5. Does Student Activities host any day trips places?
  6. What do your college friends study and do? (**This will help show you if the college is cliquey or if students grow friendships outside of just their major or their sport.)
  7. Do most students go home on the weekends?
  8. Do students have to pay for tickets to sporting events?
  9. How often do you meet with your academic advisor?
  10. For students that live off campus, what neighborhood do they typically live?
  11. Is there a doctor in the Student Health Center, or do students have to go to a local Urgent Care to be seen?
  12. What made you choose to go to school here, as opposed to the other colleges you applied to?
  13. What's your favorite spot on campus? (**This is my favorite question - it gives you something special to look out for, especially if it's a hidden secret.)
  14. How are faculty and administrators committed to student success?
  15. Where do students spend their Saturday Nights?
  16. Can every student use the athletics facilities or are they only reserved for team use?
  17. What can a student not have in their dorm room? Microwave? Keurig? Scentsy? Twinkle Lights?
  18. How do students get care packages or larger deliveries?
  19. Do more Freshmen choose their roommate or have one matched to them?
  20. What is the winter weather like on campus? (**Even two campuses in the same city can have different weather. It's good to know to plan for just rain boots and good rain jacket or a down winter coat and snow boots.)
  21. Are the intramural sports played within teams from the college or do the intramurals only play against other colleges?
  22. Would you say this is a more liberal or conservative campus? (**They will most likely answer in a politically correct way [I would tell my student workers to answer very pc], but it is something to ask that could help you find your fit at a school.)
  23. Is there a full kitchen with stove and oven in each residence hall?
  24. What do students do to relax during the day?
  25. Do your faculty and administrators have office hours that students can drop-in for if they have a question or need help?
  26. How late is the library and the dining facilities open during the week and on the weekend?
  27. Is there a lot of school spirit on campus? Does everyone support student performances?
  28. Can you recite the alma mater? (**If you're looking for a college committed to tradition, your tour guide should at least be able to recite a line, if not the whole song!)
  29. How do students get around campus? walk? bike? bus? car?
  30. How is the relationship between the college students and those who live in the town?
  31. Why should I choose this college? (**Don't accept "Because it's awesome," as an answer.)

I hope all of these questions will help you feel prepared for your next campus visit. If you won't be visiting a while, be sure to pin this or bookmark it to come back to for future college visits!

Is there another questions, that you always ask on college visits? Comment below so I can add it to my list! Have a great week!

enjoy the chase,

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