Monday, January 4, 2016

A Mid-Year Transition

Hi everyone and Happy Monday! It's back to work and back to school for a majority of us. Most colleges and universities don't start the new semester for another week or two, but if you are transferring or just starting at a university this January, your transition is going to be a little different than if you were starting in the Fall semester. If you're still wondering if you should transfer out of a university, then check out this post from a few weeks ago! Because a good transition is crucial for your success at a new college, I thought I would share my tips with you all on making this semester the best one yet!

  • Attend Transfer Orientation - This is most likely mandatory for all students who are starting during the Winter/Spring semester; even if it is optional, you should still go. You will be able to meet other transfer students in a less intense environment, as well as, meet with and talk to college administrators about the resources available to transfer students on campus. They may also share information with you about different events going on in the coming weeks to help you get to know more students!
  • Join some clubs - This can have a HUGE impact on your transition into a new college. You are very easily able to meet more people who share the same interests as you and who can help acclimate you to the college culture too. Clubs will not only have their weekly meetings, but they will also host on-going events throughout the semester which will help your social circle grow! I'd suggest joining two clubs to start off with. One that is a hobby and another that is either academic or social. This will help double your opportunity to make friends and help smooth your transition on campus. 
  • Attend Residence Hall meetings - Your first resource on campus will always be your RA and your Residence Hall Director. They have the training to be able to help you with your transition and guide you to the areas on campus that you need. The Transfer Orientation will have more limited information, as compared to a Fall Freshmen Orientation, so your RA and RD can help you navigate campus and get the resources you need ( e.g. Campus Ministry, Health Services, Work Study ... etc.) Also, you will be able to meet the people on your floor during these meetings and they can be a great resource for helping you get to know the campus and make new connections.
  • Work with study groups - There's a chance that you will be entering an academic program in the middle of a sequence, so you'll want to work with your classmates to get caught up on the teaching styles and expectations of your professors, content you may have missed at your other university, and other academic opportunities on campus. You will be adjusting to a lot, while jumping right into classes, so working with students in your major will help you ease your academic transition. It also doesn't ever hurt to have a study group to prepare for quizzes and tests!
  • Go to sporting events - Because why not! It'll help your spirit for the university grow! You can go to any sporting event and choose to sit in the student section. Most likely you will get in for a great discount if not for free if you sit in the student section. The energy will be electric and you'll get to bond with your fellow collegiates when your team wins! 
  • Meet with your professors - Visit your professors when they have posted Office Hours to get to know them and to know more about the major that you're in. You can use this time to clarify program requirements and even set up a time table. If they'd rather you schedule a meeting with them, you can do that too. This is just so that you can get to know them a little better, as you are lacking that first semester of having them as your professor. They may also be able to offer some advice on catching up with material or general hints on being successful in your program!
For those of you who are transferring or took a semester or two or three off and are trying to get back into the swing of things, these tips should help ease your transition onto campus!  Most importantly, just spend your time trying to integrate yourself into campus life, both through creating a social and an academic circle! 

I hope for those of you who are transferring, you do have a great transition! Also, just a reminder I will be doing a Q&A session in a few weeks to answer any questions you all have, so please send those to me through a comment below, a tweet or you can e-mail them directly to me! Have a great week everyone!!

enjoy the chase,

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