Friday, December 18, 2015

Last Minute Shopping: College Apparel

Hello all!! While some of you may be finishing up some last minute shopping if you celebrate Christmas, I wanted to share with you all some great places where you can buy college apparel ... outside of the university bookstore. The university's bookstore is probably the best bet if you are planning ahead and you have some time to receive a package (if it is an out of market university), but here are some other ideas for stores and sites to visit!

Dick's Sporting Goods is an obvious choice if you need to go shopping. They normally have a variety of collegiate-wear in a variety of styles and sizes. A few weekends ago, I visited the Dick's Sporting Goods near my university and they actually only had Penn State apparel, which was a little disappointing, but they had a HUGE variety of sweatshirts and lounge pants, polo shirts, t-shirts, hats ... etc. Their website, though has a lot of the larger universities in stock for you to order. They also have cute stocking stuffer ideas or just small gifts you can give throughout the year to the fan!

Dick's Sporting Goods

PINK by Victoria's Secret has some cute apparel options for the fan who loves all things sparkly and snuggly.  They have some great sweatshirts and long sleeve shorts and even have leggings available. Now, I went into a PINK store to see if I could find some apparel in their store and I spoke to an associate and she said that their specific store does not carry them because it was smaller, but that the collegiate-wear was still available online, which it is. So, if you wanted to buy something in person, I would definitely check and see if the store near you has them in stock or if you'll need to buy them on the website.

Marshall's and TJ Maxx will have some apparel for whatever your large university is in your market area. I'm pretty sure that this also works for Burlington Coat Factory stores! For example, down where I go to school it is largely dominated by Penn State with some random universities thrown in there, whereas at home in Upstate New York, our TJ Maxx carries more Syracuse University items. So, if your fan loves the hometown team, you can find some really great buys for even better prices!!


Lauren James Co. is a smaller online clothing company that carry some shirts for the universities that primarily belong to the SEC. I have bought a few things from them and they were good quality and the customer service is incredibly helpful if there's any trouble. Their website is easy to use and also has a section for 'game-day' outfits for the fan that dresses up for the ball games! This is more geared for the woman in your life, who wants something cute to cheer their favorite team on!

Mall Collectible Shops usually have some great finds for gifts for the college fan! The one in the mall near me is called Sports Fever and I was really pleased by the selection of universities that they had there, ie: Temple University, Stanford University, University of Alabama, and lots of others! They also have a lot of collectibles from the NHL, NFL, and NBA, so no matter the fan in your life, these stores are a great stop to find something cool and unique!

Sports Fever

Sports Fever (I apologize for the poor quality,
stores don't have the best photographic lighting!)

Etsy is a really great place to shop to find something home-made and really unique that has your team's apparel on it. If you just search the university and home-made you can find a lot of neat things. You can also just search something like Southern Methodist University scarf or Northeastern University hair bow. These may take a little bit longer to ship, as they are home-made, so they wouldn't be really great for last-minute shopping, but you can always give it as a New Year, Valentine's or Birthday gift later on in the year!!

Foot Locker and Champs stores also have really great quality in universities that they carry. They try to cater to a large population so they carry larger universities. Also, if you live near Outlet Stores, you can always visit the Reebok, Under Armour, or Nike stores to see what they have there in terms of collegiate sportswear too!

Foot Locker

I hope these help you with any last minute shopping ideas or even if you are planning for next year! It is important to remember though that a lot of Department Stores like JC Penney, Kohl's or Macy's will carry collegiate apparel, however it will depend on what market you belong in. For example, in my search a few weeks ago, all I found was Penn State apparel because I work and attend a university in Pennsylvania! However, you can sometimes find some cool things like mugs, scarfs, ornaments, and hats at these places!

If you find some really great deals or odd/unique finds, feel free to add them in the comments! Happy Shopping everyone!!

enjoy the chase,

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