Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Going to College in the City!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great start to your week. Don't forget to finish up your college applications before the deadline and if you need help reminding your recommenders to send the evaluations, check out this post. Use the coming weeks and your Winter Break to finish up on your essays and to put the finishing touches on your applications.

So, this past weekend I went on a bus trip to New York City to see all of the Christmas decorations and to visit Rockefeller Center and that got me thinking of all of the great opportunities that going to college in a large city can offer you! Some of these large cities include NYC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix. Much like the college campuses that reside in these cities, the cities themselves each have personalities of their own that cater to different types of experiences students can have while studying there. Here are some of the great perks for going to college in a large city!

Cultural Events - Large cities generally have a diverse population, so the amount of cultural events such as festivals, meetings, banquets, art showcases ... etc. that revolve around different cultures is extremely high! If you celebrate different customs or are richly involved with your family's heritage, going to college in the city may be a positive experience for you. You can make new friends and even expand your horizons past the way you were raised to understand and learn about other cultures!

Artistic Expression - The amount of art that is present in large cities is unbelievable. Think about all of the museums, concerts, art shows, dance performances, theater showcases, and random street performances that you can attend throughout your 2 or 4 years in college in the city. If you are an artistic person or just like music, you can always find something to see or watch that involves an art-form. Additionally, most museums and concert halls provide discounts to students when you use your student ID, so make sure you take advantage of that!

No Need for a Car - A great thing about living in a large city is that you don't need to rely on your own vehicle to get to-and-from places. If you live close to that large city, you can usually get a train or a bus ticket at a fairly decent price for when you want to go home. If you have to fly home, you also have access to different airports that provide more opportunity to travel places (including if you want to just go on a vacation with your college friends.) Also, when you need to get around the city, public transportation is an affordable and easily accessible option. Taking a bus, trolley, or subway ride to your destination not only saves you money on parking fees and gas, it also saves you time in allowing you to read or study on your way to your destination!

Active Nightlife - City life is like none other! The restaurants, dance clubs, cafes, and events provide a unique experience for students. You don't just have to stay on campus to have fun, you can also go with your friends to the different events held around town. Go out to dinner at the Thai restaurant across town, or go to the new 18 and over dance club to have some fun after a stressful week! You'll never get bored of the food or entertaining options!

Shopping - Cities provide you with so many different stores to shop at for gifts or for your everyday items. I am a window shopper and that is how I de-stress, so thinking about all of the opportunities to shop in a big city excites me! You can find high-end stores, vintage shops, specialty stores, and even pop-up shops that only last for a season. You may find a store you really love shopping in and looking around so much that you get a job there (Hello, discounts!!).

Educational Opportunities - Another great thing about going to college in a large city is the number of other universities and college students that populate the area. You share your city with art schools, technical schools, large public universities, elite private colleges, and other specialty colleges that all offer a diverse student body! You can make new friends at area coffee joints or in the public libraries. Also, all of these colleges can offer additional opportunities to take classes and have them transfer into your college. (I'd always check with your adviser before paying for a class or enrolling.)  These courses can be public interest topics, something you need for your major, or just a class you find interesting that would fill a general education requirement.

Overall, attending college in a city can provide you with some great cultural, artistic, social, and educational opportunities. You can grow in your personal independence while still learning more about yourself and about the world that surrounds you! While moving from home into a large city can be scary, don't rule it out until you truly examine the positives of the universities and of the city you would be living in ... figure it all out before you make your final decision!

enjoy the chase,

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