Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wish I Knew Wednesday

"I wish I had known that college is a lot harder than high school and you're mot the 'big fish in a little pond' anymore ... It takes a lot of dedication and effort to get the top grades in college."
Jessica P., Batavia, New York

While Chasing College is meant to provide you with college inspiration and help, it is also important to be realistic about life in college. 

It is hard work!

I worked incredibly hard in high school and I worked even harder (I didn't know it was possible) when I started college six years ago; and this is true for most college students. It is considered a step above high school for a reason, it requires a new set of skills and a higher level of thinking and reasoning. You have an entirely new world to navigate and only so much time to do so. 

In order to help yourself put in the effort and keep your grades and learning at a high level, it is important to find the resources that you will need to success. 
  • The on-campus tutoring center is a great place to start to help pull up your grade if you feel you are struggling in a course. There may be drop-in tutoring hours for your specific subject or you can get a one-on-one tutor. They can help explain concepts you aren't quite getting or help you study before an exam.
  • The writing center is another place to help improve your college-level writing. Typically they can help you prepare a piece of writing by formulating ideas, helping with grammar issues, and explaining citation methods such as MLA or APA.
  • The advising and retention office is a great resource if you are struggling to determine what you want to study or if in general you are having difficulty transitioning from high school to college. They can help you determine your options if you get in over your head and need a solution to help finish the semester!
  • Another great resource is your professor! While this is rather obvious, sometimes students don't ever ask their professor for help in a course. They may have a suggestion about study tips or may allow you to hand in drafts of research papers. They also might refer you to another resource that can greatly help you with the course. Go to your professor during their office hours and have a genuine conversation about the course and how you can improve your grade.
  • Finally, talk to the students that are in the class with you and see if they are having a difficult time too. Chances are they are not performing well either. You can create study groups and help each other understand the different concepts.  **If this is a course in your major, then making friends with your classmates now will only help solidify those friendships for the next four years!
Jessica P. and I were not only French and Education majors together,
we also studied in Paris together.
We both survived our French major because of each other!
College is difficult, no matter if you were Valedictorian, in the Top 10 or in the Top 50%, whether you go to Harvard, a state school, or a community college, it's going to be hard work. The transition and the change in academic environment can really affect your studies, but be sure to use these resources to help you perform to your highest potential!!

enjoy the chase,

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